Why you should work with us.

At Scopus IT, we’re IT professionals just like you. We speak your language, have experienced what you’ve experienced, and know what you want and expect.

In addition to working closely with our clients to properly scope each IT assignment, we always consider your interests and career path when we offer assignments. We’ll gauge your abilities, strengths and goals, and can even advise you on your career path and opportunities.

Working with you to achieve your goals.

While different IT consultants have different goals and aspirations, we believe that each day of each assignment is an opportunity for you to enhance your skills. We’ll work closely with you to understand your personal goals and growth path, and then match you with assignments that help you achieve them.

Our goal is to build long-term relationships with consultants like you. To do so, we'll partner with you and enable you to maintain an active voice in assignment opportunities. And we’re always available to provide guidance and advice no matter where you are in your IT career.

The productive, hassle-free way to get IT assignments.

Our online timesheets, invoices and expense reports take the hassle out of working with an IT staffing firm. We also provide a range of online training opportunities to help you hone your skills. And we’re always available to discuss any aspect of a project with you.

Take on projects for our clients. And for us.

With our unique position as an IT consultant as well as a staffing firm, we not only offer positions with our clients, we also offer positions on the in-house assignments we receive as consultants.

These are just some of the reasons why working with us can provide transformative experiences in your career.